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Aug 22, 2016

Trike Mike

Hi — I’m Trike Mike. I stepped into the role of TrikeApps’ General Manager just over two years ago, and it’s been a whirlwind. In that time, I’ve learned some valuable lessons about running an IT consultancy, process optimisation and solving people problems instead of technical problems.

Over the past five years, TrikeApps has grown from a small app development shop into an ambitious and steadily growing mid-sized consultancy, and have pared down our client list to support those who continue to experience significant growth — and constantly look to improve our own offering so we can service those clients accordingly. We’re an open-minded bunch and we know change represents an opportunity to learn. We also know all too well that it can present some interesting challenges.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss those challenges, and the technical and non-technical solutions we’ve used at Trike to address them. What might this look like? Let me give you an idea.

At TrikeApps we strongly believe that helping our people to grow is the first way to ensure that growth happens on a company level, too. Our staff spend 20% of their time formally developing their skills, and we’ve built some interesting tools to identify and facilitate targeted learning opportunities. We’ll talk about where the inspiration for these tools came from, what we’ve learnt from building them and where we see them going in the future.

Everyone has built a time-tracking system, right? Well, so have we. We’ve tried to balance ourselves on the tightrope of a system that collects enough data to give us meaningful insights without the horrific administrative overhead to our developers. Over time, it has become the cornerstone of our agile development processes. We like to run experiments, and the success or failure of those experiments is often measured using this tool. We’ll talk about how we run experiments, how we built our time tracker and why we think it’s pretty great.

We love to read and learn (you may have picked that up already). We’ll talk about specific books or articles that have helped us make positive (and not-so-positive) changes to our processes and tech stack. And we’ll explore what we could have done differently.

In short, we’re technical people with a strong interest in business and making the world a better place. There may be the odd code snippet, but the content of this blog will be approachable to anyone in the technology sector, from sales and marketing to DevOps.

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